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Paul Madison stops in to chat at the APLN Chicago 2017 Conference, and gets roped into helping produce the rest of the podcasts for the conference.

Before that, though, Paul and I shoot the breeze about the current market temperature on experimentation and how to handle violations of Team Working Agreements.

Danielle Pollard stops to chat before going on stage at the APLN Chicago May 2017 Conference. Danielle explains about The Trust Factor and the Three Conditions for Collaboration. During the presentation she shared her High Performance Hierarchy of Needs.

For more on The Trust Factor, please check out her soon-to-be-published book The Trust Factor: 3 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Trust to Build the Perfect Agile Team.

At the Agile Professional Learning Network - Chicago Chapter's 2017 conference, Paul Madison and I had the opportunity to talk with Ahmed Avais about the Agile Fluency Project. Ahmed had almost literally just finished his presentation on the Agile Fluency Model when Paul sat him down and asked him about it.

At the Agile Professional Learning Network - Chicago Chapter's 2017 conference, I caught up with Dave Saboe and talked with him a bit about ScrumMasters. Paul Madison joined in and we talked about how personality traits in ScrumMasters evolve over time.

Drag, it’s what naturally keeps everything from going faster. You can call it friction. You can call it resistance. You can call it a force (sometimes to be reckoned with). All of these are correct. But, I like using Drag. I think it puts the appropriate negative connotation on the thing that keeps us from freely increasing speed in any direction.

I took the picture above at a Potbelly’s this morning. If you aren’t familiar, Potbelly’s is a casual (read, fast-food) sandwich chain. I pass this sign at least once every workday, as the shop is my first stop after getting off the train every morning. I’ve seen this sign before, and I’ve even read it a few times. But I’ve always wanted to tell other people what I like about it. So, here goes…

At the Agile Professional Learning Network - Chicago Chapter’s first Conference, I caught up with Doc Norton. He spoke about the Host Leadership model and its role-based examples, instead of character based traits of Servant Leadership.

Listen as Doc explains several of the roles that anyone can take on in Host Leadership.

Doc also has a book on Lean Pub right now, Escape Velocity, where he explores more useful metrics than Velocity.

From national elections to ditch digging, Matt and Rick use the recent US Presidential election results, to springboard into some great examples of how national politics and business events can mirror each other. Moreover, how do we, as Agile professionals, react to internal politics.

With Mike Marchi and Sandie Behrens

If you’ve been around Chicago long enough, at least in the Agile community, you would know that the company currently known as HERE (formerly NAVTEQ and then Nokia) has a great reputation for being an Agile organization through and through. The truth is, the Agile movement there started as an experiment – as most things in Agile should.

I tag along while Allen Rutzen and Jorgen Hesselberg describe the best example of a true Agile Transformation and an organizational Agile Mindset.

The ever-controversial Tom Mellor discusses the differences between ‘Being Agile’ and ‘Doing Agile.’ Tom talks quite a bit about Frederic Laloux’s organizational paradigms (categorized by a color spectrum), and gets us started down a road that leads to differences in what we are taught about the basic elements of Scrum – or at least what we thought we were taught.

Tom also qualifies and stands by his statement “I think the ScrumMaster was the worst thing ever created in Scrum” by answering the question “If you don’t have a ScrumMaster, how do you expect [a new Scrum Team] to become a team that practices Scrum?” — You have to listen to get his answer

I recently got the most wonderful opportunity to talk with a couple of legends in the Agile Community – Chet Hendrickson and Ron Jeffries! They’re partnering with Brian Levy to bring a 5-Day, dual certification, public CSD class to Chicago for the week of 14-18 March, 2016.

Ron, Chet and Brian discuss many of the XP Practices we grown to love and integrate into our Scrum implementations. Brian also adds a dash of SAFe to the conversation.The class, in downtown Chicago, combines a 3-day Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) class and a 2-Day SAFe ScrumXP class. Class attendees will be awarded the CSD via Scrum Alliance (assuming they already have other pre-requisites covered), and the Scaled Practitioner (SP) via Scaled Agile.

Just Matt and Rick

Matt Beam, new co-host of Agile Chicago Style Podcast

Join me as I query Jack Walser, of AIM Consulting, on DevOps. Before Jack spoke to the Agile Professional Learning Network (APLN – Chicago) in June, I didn’t have a great idea of what DevOps, in the Agile space, really was.

Jack breaks down the components of a DevOps environment needed to succeed.